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The Neighbours Next Door – the story of Muslim response to Covid-19 in the UK

The Muslim Charities Forum has published a report ‘The Neighbours Next Door’ which highlights how, in this time of crisis, the Muslim community up and down the UK have come out in mass to support their neighbours in their time of need, no matter their faith, their race, their migrant status, their health or their wealth.

This report highlights the inspiring story of Muslim organisations, local groups and volunteers and their dedication to helping those in need. From ensuring that food and medicine gets to those in need, to supporting victims of domestic violence, stranded students, and single parents, Muslim organisations have been working tirelessly to provide multifaceted support for communities and individuals during this crisis.

The Neighbours Next Door report shows the wide range of support provided by Muslim organisations, illustrated using a wide variety of case studies. The report also identifies some of the challenges faced by organisations and local groups during the crisis, and recommendations on how any future response can be improved based on what has been learnt during this unprecedented emergency situation.

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