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Evidence from the voluntary sector working in the criminal justice system shows a growing need for the voluntary sector’s services during, and as a result of, the pandemic. Organisations are working tirelessly to meet this need, responding flexibly, adapting services and embracing remote delivery. However, the challenges organisations are facing mean they can’t respond as they would like to and service provision is decreasing. We believe in working together with colleagues across the wider voluntary sector to ensure charities can support people through this crisis and into the future.
VODG is an infrastructure body representing organisations within the voluntary sector who work alongside disabled people. Our members’ work is focused on enabling disabled people of all ages to live the lives they choose. VODG believes that an ambitious, trusted and vibrant voluntary sector that works together plays a unique role in achieving this aim. VODG members work with around a million disabled people, employ more than 85,000 staff and have a combined annual turnover in excess of £2.8 billion.
The UK charity sector does critical work at home and abroad. Covid-19 needs a global response, as no-one is safe until we are all safe
'Look for the helpers.' Whether for people directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis or for those for whom life is tough even at the best of times, the voluntary sector is #NeverMoreNeeded. Across the country charities and voluntary organisations step up to the frontline, go where they are needed most, and make a real difference - every single hour of every single day. We want to share with others the untold stories of hope, help and change that the sector delivers.
The impact of putting on hold vital fundraising activities has highlighted just how important fundraising is to maintaining vital charity services. #NeverMoreNeeded
Right now, across the UK and abroad, the needs of communities are being met by at least 14,000 of our members. We are supporting #NeverMoreNeeded because we know that our members are struggling without more support.
At Lloyds Bank Foundation we believe that charities are the heartbeat of communities and the people they serve. We’ve seen charities time and again go to extraordinary efforts to reach, support and advocate for people. It is these same charities that are providing a lifeline to those most affected by the coronavirus and pandemic, all at a time when their own resources have fallen. We are passionate about maintaining a strong and healthy voluntary sector and want the Government and others to see the vital work of these charities and learn what we all know; that charities are Never More Needed. Together, we need to encourage the government to ensure charities can continue to support people, communities and the country to recover and rebuild.
Equally Ours is supporting #NeverMoreNeeded because charities have a central role to play in rebuilding a more compassionate, resilient and just society that meets the needs and rights of us all.
At Locality we believe in the power of community to create a fairer society. We are supporting #NeverMoreNeeded to protect and strengthen the vital role of community organisations in the coronavirus recovery effort and beyond.
Small charities and social enterprises form the fabric of our Greater Manchester communities. They have risen heroically to the crisis and are vital to recovery. Yet we are losing them.
Charities are our communities’ safety net - irreplaceable during this crisis, and fundamental to society’s recovery. Telling our stories and showing our impact is vital to our survival
Not-for-profit organisations make our communities stronger. In the toughest times, we do the toughest work. Our unique role and services are invaluable right now and will be essential when our country begins to heal and re-builds
LGBT+ organisations provide vital lifeline services to marginalised communities. It’s important to stand with the wider voluntary sector, highlight the diversity of needs and shout that they are all #nevermoreneeded.
We’re proud to be helping amplify the voices of those whose lives depend on and are enriched by the work charities do day in and day out.
It’s the essence of charity to create hope, solutions and opportunities. We need this now more than ever, which is why Association of Chairs is backing #NeverMoreNeeded.
ACF is working with foundations to help them step up in support of civil society at this time. But only government has the scale to meet the challenge that charities face in this crisis.

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