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I want to involve my charity

Do you work for or volunteer with a charity or voluntary organisation?

THANK YOU. We know that the work you and your organisation does makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

And THANK YOU for asking how to involve your organisation in the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign.

Actions you can take

  • Follow us on Twitter @NeverMoreNeeded – like, retweet and reply to us!
  • Add the #NeverMoreNeeded logo to your organisation’s social media profile pages – download images.
  • Include a #NeverMoreNeeded logo, and information on the campaign, on your organisation’s website – download images
  • Ask your board of trustees to write to your local MP(s) about the campaign – view template letters and campaign briefing on resource page below.
  • Create a simple explainer of why your organisation is #NeverMoreNeeded to share on your website, social media and with us – send it to
  • Ask the people who use your organisation to share their story – why are they involved with you, and what’s the difference you are making to them?
  • If your charity has a centre, office, shops or other premises, ask them to add their voices to our campaign!
  • Send a news story to your local press and radio – you can find a template news release to adapt here.

Find all resources here

Sample text for other charities to use:

Note: this text is just a suggestion! Please feel free to edit and adapt to fit your own charity’s circumstances. It can be used on your website, newsletters and e-bulletins. Thank you for adding your voice tot eh campaign.

The immediate response to coronavirus is only the start. People across the country know that charities like ours are #NeverMoreNeeded now, and for the foreseeable future.

We’re backing the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign because, like many other charities, we know the work we do helps change people’s lives, and our community, for the better.

While we’ve been helping respond to coronavirus, we’ve had little chance to fundraise or to generate other income. At the same time, there has been much greater demand for the work we do. We want to carry on making a positive different because we’re #NeverMoreNeeded than now.

As a country, what we do and how we allocate resources as we move, hopefully, to recovery will only be effective if we include the people, problems and places that are often overlooked. The work charities do – and our relationships with communities – shows we must to strive to meet everyone’s needs and rights.

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