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Our first day of action on 17 February had a big impact – thousands of organisations shared what they are doing right now to support communities and causes.

Now’s our chance to build on that and keep the pressure on the government to act. So, from Friday 26 February through to the Budget announcement on Wednesday 3 March, we want as many people and organisations to support the campaign on social in two ways:


After the day of action

Keep posting examples of what charities are doing right now to support communities and causes – the more we have, the stronger our call for support becomes


Some posts to use

Add posts that highlight the challenges charities are facing right now and the difficult decisions they are having to make because of their financial situation. The government has asked for data on where the funding is needed, so this is our chance to demonstrate to them publicly the urgent need that is out there. Here’s some example posts you can adapt and use:

“#RightNow, we’re having to ration the support we’re providing even though the need for it has never been greater”

“#RightNow we don’t know if we can continue with what we are doing beyond the end of the week – there are families relying on our support to get them through the day”

#RightNow I’m sitting with trustees looking at how long our reserves will last and it is days and weeks, not months”

“#RightNow we are turning away people who really need our help as the resources simply aren’t there”

“#RightNow I’m telling staff their roles will come to an end in a month’s time unless new funding comes in”

”#RightNow we’re just about coping but we have never been this stretched before. We’re a bad week away from disaster”

“#RightNow we should be planning the work we are going to do over the next year but we can’t look beyond the end of the month”

Add  an image or a video that shows the charitable activity you are engaged in, such as a selfie or a picture that brings to life the cause or the beneficiaries you are supporting.

You could even handwrite your message on a sheet of paper and post an image of you holding that sheet.


The call to action

Please add this call to action to every post you put up:

“Right now, charities are doing everything they can, but resources are running out and people and causes are suffering.

“Government – please create an Emergency Support Fund #RightNow #NeverMoreNeeded”

Share other people’s posts throughout the day – that way you can boost the reach and impact of the campaign and show your followers the depth, impact and diversity of what charities are doing right now for communities and causes.

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Thanks for your support.

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