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Case study: York Road Project

York Road Project is a homelessness charity based in Woking, Surrey. Their ultimate aim is to support anyone experiencing homelessness into permanent accommodation. They recognise that not everyone is ready to live independently and support them with any difficulties creating barriers to accessing stable accommodation.

York Road were able to respond very quickly to the first lockdown. A taskforce was put together and meetings moved very quickly. The team were able to manage their clients’ panic and worry and worked with Woking Borough Council to be able to provide quick and safe accommodation. They utilised their relationships with local governments and councils to be able to get communications out to the public to help with food donations. The team were able to think outside the box. Within a large hall, ‘pods’ were set up for their clients. They could provide power and the necessary commodities each person required.

YRP have been doing okay financially, purely because of their funders and being able to galvanise the public support. However, the normal funds that are so needed for winter may not be available this year and they need to make sure they are not jumping on the money. They have seen a fantastic community spirit but they cannot relying on this lasting forever. Their work is vital and they are #NeverMoreNeeded.

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