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Gearing up for Remember A Charity Week

Legacy consortium, Remember A Charity, is urging charities across the UK to come together and celebrate the impact of legacy giving during this year’s Remember A Charity Week (07-13 September 2020), inspiring supporters to consider leaving a gift in their Will.

Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, says:
“The global pandemic has seen charities face critical funding shortfalls, making legacy income all the more important for the sector’s recovery. It hasn’t been easy for fundraisers to open up conversations about gifts in Wills with supporters in recent months, but Remember A Charity Week is a great springboard to get those conversations started. What’s more, charities and solicitors alike are seeing greater demand for charitable Will-writing and this could be a unique opportunity to normalise this vital income stream.”

The consortium highlights that legacy giving raises over £3 billion annually and that just a 4% increase in the proportion of people leaving a bequest could generate a further £1 billion.

Cope adds: “During Remember A Charity Week, we’ll be working with charities and the legal profession to reach and engage the giving public, inspiring them to think about their legacy and how a charitable bequest could shape the world they leave behind.”

This year’s consumer awareness campaign challenges a common misconception to show that people don’t have to choose between charities and their loved ones, they can write both into their Will. Introducing a short animated film starring The Wombles, the campaign communicates that even the smallest gifts can have a positive impact.

Charities are encouraged to use the week as an opportunity to open up conversations about gifts in Wills with supporters or to join the consortium and gain access to the full suite of legacy promotion resources.

Find out more at Remember A Charity Week or follow #RememberACharityWeek

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