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More charities add voices to campaign to strengthen Gift Aid support

Large, small, national, local – charities from across the country are adding their voices to the campaign to make changes to Gift Aid, which would add value to charity income.

The move to boost the Gift Aid charities receive from eligible donations comes as charities of all sizes face a crisis to their income caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest sector research shows that charities are on average having to plan for a 24% loss to their total income for the year ahead.

The change would mean that a £100 donation from a UK taxpayer would increase to £133.33 for the charity once Gift Aid had been claimed. This compares to £125.00 as is currently be the case.  As a result, the Gift Aid claimed on every eligible donation would increase by one-third, up from the current one-quarter.

The coalition is being led by CAF, IoF, CFG, CTG and NCVO and includes support from a wide range of charities such as Cancer Research UK and the National Deaf Children’s Society to smaller organisations such as Shropshire Cat Rescue. The group have called for the increase to be in place for two years while charities work to recover from the crisis. The coalition estimates that this move could help charities to access an additional £450 million of much needed cash. It also includes changes to the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme to ensure it benefits all.

Read the full details here.

Support the Gift Aid Emergency Relief Campaign: to add your charity’s name to the supporter list, please contact

Scroll down for a full list of supporters, or just below you can read what some charities have said about the campaign:

  • Sarah Woolnough, Executive Director for Policy and Information, Cancer Research UK said:

The impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Research UK has been significant, and we now expect to see a £150 million drop in fundraising income this year. We’re not alone – charities across the country are struggling, and that’s why Gift Aid Emergency Relief is so important. This scheme would make each donation we receive worth even more, allowing our supporters to help protect our lifesaving cancer research in the future without it costing them more. It would also be a welcome sign of support from Government for charities of all sizes and causes as many work hard on the frontlines of our national response to COVID-19.”

  • Joe Jenkins, Director of Engagement and Income, The Children’s Society, said:

“The coronavirus lockdown has hit charities like ours hard, with income from shops and supporter events nosediving just when vulnerable children need our help more than ever… This simple change to the rate of Gift Aid would have far-reaching benefits for The Children’s Society. It would encourage more supporters to donate by increasing the value of their gifts and enabling us to maintain and extend vital help for children such as those who have been sexually or criminally exploited, those struggling with mental-ill health and young refugees.”

  • Mike Wade, Director of Fundraising and Communications, National Deaf Children’s Society, said:

“With our fundraising decimated as a result of the coronavirus, this simple change to Gift Aid could make the world of difference for deaf children. In the next year alone it could give us an extra £1.3m to help make sure deaf children get the education they need despite the huge disruption. It could help tackle the mental health challenges and chronic levels of isolation and loneliness so many deaf children are facing. For tens of thousands of kids growing up across the country, this support would be priceless.”

  • Alex Hyde-Smith, Director of Fundraising, Alzheimer’s Society, said:

“In a worst-case scenario, Alzheimer’s Society could lose up to of £45m income this year, with knock-on effects expected next year too. The Gift Aid we would earn on this year’s adjusted/lower income would be roughly £1.7m – if the % increased to 33%, that would add a further £0.6m of gift aid to our total, which would help to mitigate some of the losses elsewhere.”

  • Philip Lee, Chief Executive, Epilepsy Action, said:

“Epilepsy Action fully supports the campaign for a Gift Aid emergency relief package. In common with most other charities we have seen an immediate impact on our revenue, in particular income from fundraising events. We anticipate this impact will extend for the foreseeable future. The campaign’s proposals will certainly help us to soften the blow as we adjust our financial plans and most importantly it will help us to preserve our service for our beneficiaries.”

  • Robin Meltzer, Director of Fundraising, Brain Tumour Research, said

“It is at times like this that the third sector and the Government need to think differently and explore ways to protect vital charitable income. A temporary increase in the rate of Gift Aid makes sense because it uses a system which already exists and which has the confidence of the public. I hope this idea is expedited to help all charities during the current downturn.”

  • Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive, SCVO, said:

“The pandemic has impacted on a complex range of funding sources for the voluntary sector in Scotland: fundraising; trading; contracts; grants and use of reserves. The response to this financial crisis needs to take account of that complexity in bringing in a range of different actors and actions to help the sector to be financially resilient and sustainable. As part of our wide-ranging work to urge a variety of funders to consider how they might best support the sector now and in the future, SCVO are pleased to support the call today on the Westminster government to make amendments to the Gift Aid scheme to bring additional monies into the sector and widen the reach of that scheme.”

  • Meredith Niles, Executive Director of Fundraising and Engagement, Marie Curie said:

“The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on Marie Curie’s finances, with many of our usual fundraising channels (public collections, events, our charity shops) simultaneously closed at a time when our services are needed more than ever. A temporary increase in the level of Gift Aid we could claim on donations would make a real difference, enabling our donors’ contributions to go that much further in a way that is efficient for both us and the Government.”

  • Margaret Lloyd, Trustee and Gift Aid Officer, Shropshire Cat Rescue, said:

We are a small local charity, managed exclusively by volunteers and reliant on income from our charity shop and social fundraising events. We have been ineligible for many of the Government grants, so Gift Aid income will be essential to stabilise our budget when the shop re-opens and fundraising events can resume. We are therefore very supportive of the proposal to temporarily increase the value of Gift Aid, which will be a great help for small charities.”

  • Lynda Giller, Trustee/Treasurer, Powys Animal Welfare, said:

“We run three charity shops to fund our animal rescue service. Through these shops we claim Gift Aid on the sales of donated goods and claim under the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme on small donations through collection tins. Being able to claim back a higher percentage of Gift Aid for a temporary period would certainly help to mitigate the deficit which would be a considerable help in us being able to continue to provide an Animal Welfare service in mid-Wales.”

  • Louisa Wood, Head of Philanthropy, English National Ballet, said:

“English National Ballet would like to confirm its support for the Gift Aid Emergency Relief package as this would provide a significant boost to our fundraising efforts which is much needed at the moment.”

  • Caroline Rand, Head of Finance, Historic Royal Palaces, said:

“Historic Royal Palaces estimates that it will lose £95m of income in this year. We have taken drastic actions to reduce costs, including wage cuts for all staff and a voluntary redundancies to help us through. But all these measures won’t be enough. Any additional support from the Gift Aid Scheme would help us get through this horrific period for the charity.”

  • Alexis Paterson, Chair, British Arts Festivals Association, said:

“As chair of a body which represents festival charities up and down the country who have seen their entire annual earned income wiped out by this pandemic, this is a welcome proposal. Many of our members are currently being sustained by the generosity of individuals and the hard work of voluntary efforts to prepare for the time events can restart: a boost to Gift Aid would recognise that many smaller charities have missed out on other COVID-19 business support packages due to their lean overheads and business models which depend on freelance and short-term staffing. Yet they remain vital to their local communities, and a boost to Gift Aid would give a strong signal to individual supporters that their efforts are recognised by government and small, regional charities have not been forgotten.”

  • John Kemp, Parish Advisor, The Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance (Church of England) said:

“Chichester Diocese is very much in favour of the sector’s call for changes to Gift Aid to assist charities recover from the lockdown.”

  • Helen Blundell, Director of Not for Profit, MHA MacIntyre Hudson and Gift Aid secretary of local church, said:

“Gift Aid Emergency Relief  would be a welcome move to help support charities of all shapes and sizes through these challenging times.”

  • Dr Gareth Morgan, Academic specialising in charity issues, said:

“This is a very significant proposal by sector bodies for a temporary increase in the tax rate applicable to Gift Aid so charities would get additional tax refunds at this time.”

  • Elizabeth Carnie, Finance Director, Chester Zoo, said:

“Gift Aid Emergency Relief is a great way to support charities, including Chester Zoo, who have been unable to furlough key staff and have lost income due to the COVID-19 crisis.”

  • Darren Spivey, Head of Financial Governance, RNLI, said:

“Like many other charities, the RNLI is facing tough challenges during the Coronavirus crisis. Our ability to fundraise has been significantly impacted, while the demand for our vital lifesaving service increases as lockdown eases. We’ve joined other charities to encourage the Government to increase the level of Gift Aid that can be claimed on donations. This would provide a vital boost to income for charities at a time when we need it most.”

  • Geraldine Pipping, Chief Engagement Officer, The Brain Tumour Charity, said:

“Support from the Gift Aid Emergency Relief Package would provide a life-line to thousands of people who are desperately anxious and living with this devastating disease every day. Our community have already taken great strides in providing additional support where they can but this cannot make up for the huge shortfall we will see this year.”

  • Fay Lovelock, Gift Aid Officer, NSPCC, said:

“We are delighted to hear of the developing proposals for a Gift Aid Emergency Relief package and fully support this. Gift Aid is our third largest income source and plays a vital role in ensuring we are able to provide the services and support needed for Children and Young People. In these uncertain times, we have seen a substantial increase in calls from concerned adults and children, highlighting how vital it is we continue to be there for every child. If we were able to claim Gift Aid at the 25% this would increase our monthly Gift Aid income by an estimated £200,000.00, which would significantly help towards covering the shortfall in donations. We look forward to hearing more on this proposal and hope this will give Charities the additional income they so desperately need.”

  • Gillian Nove, Director of Income Generation, Claire House Children’s Hospice said:

“I would like to support the campaign for Gift Aid Relief from both a fundraising and a retail perspective. It would mean a huge amount to Claire House Children’s Hospice at this difficult time. Income is significantly down, as it is across the whole sector. A temporary increase in gift aid from 25% to 33% would provide longer term support to the sector which is of huge importance to us right now. We need to secure our long term financial future so we can be certain we can continue to provide the essential support that is much needed and valued by the children and families we work with.”

  • Martin Wildsmith, Director of Retail & E-commerce & Caroline Graham, Director of Fundraising, Sue Ryder, said:

“Sue Ryder would greatly welcome a temporary increase in the level of Gift Aid on donations to help fund our palliative, bereavement and neurological support. “Before the Coronavirus struck, statutory funding only covered approximately one third of the costs involved in running our end of life care services. We bridged that gap with fundraising efforts and the income from our 450 shops nationwide. However, with fundraising events cancelled for the rest of this year and no clear indication on how long it will take for the shops to return to normal trading, we anticipate a funding gap of up to £2 million per month from July onwards. An increase in Gift Aid would help close our funding shortfall so we can provide more care to more people.”

  • Marina Abel Smith, Head of Individual Giving, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, said:

“At a time when our income sources are depleted, Gift Aid Relief will help to ensure the survival of our Orchestra and we fully support this proposal.”

  • Darren Irwin, Director of Income Generation, Tenovus Cancer Care, said:

“Gift Aid is incredibly important to the charity sector, and with the hard-felt impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting charity incomes so significantly, it is vital the UK Government takes the opportunity to review the scheme and offer greater financial support. Even a temporary increase from 25% to 33% on a net donation would make a big difference to charities, so they can give even more support to those in need during this unprecedented time.”

  • Laura Willis, Development Director, London Philharmonic Orchestra, said:

“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is greatly affecting the income of charities, including the LPO. At a time when fundraising is more vital than ever to sustain our organisation the Gift Aid Emergency Relief package is much needed and would be very welcomed.”

  • Martin Birch, Chief Operating Officer, Christian Aid, said:

“We at Christian Aid join with others in the sector in fully supporting the Charity Tax Group’s campaign for Gift Aid emergency relief, which makes perfect sense at this time of crisis. The change being proposed would mean that Gift Aid would temporarily add 33% to a net donation, rather than the current 25%. We further back the coalition’s call for the increase to be in place for two years while charities work to recover from the unprecedented coronavirus crisis. It would seem illogical for the UK Government not to take this forward. Building on recent loves to ‘level-up’ we urge the Government to help allow charities to recover from fundraising losses during the pandemic and work to their full potential both in this country but also around the world at this acutely challenging time.” 

  • Kevin Russell, Technical Director, Stewardship, said:

“Churches that rely on cash donations at their services week by week have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19. Equally charities that rely on people visiting their premises such as retreat centres and respite facilities. It may be a long time before congregations are able, and willing, to gather in numbers seen pre COVID. The Gift Aid Emergency Relief package offers churches and charities a much needed temporary lift and, at the same time, an incentive for donors to give more at a time when fundraising is becoming all the more challenging.” 

  • Ben Smith, Chief Executive, The Heart of the City Partnership – Newcastle Castle, said:

“Newcastle Castle is almost 100% reliant on earned income and the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the long-term viability of our organisation and thus people’s access to their heritage and this vital learning resource. The Gift Aid Emergency Relief package would allow our visitors to be bigger stakeholders in the future of their heritage and their sense of place whilst bolstering our position to be able to see the pandemic and the associated economic impacts through to better days.” 

  • Paul Dolan, Head of Finance, The Tank Museum, said:

“Increasing Gift Aid on Donations would give the Charity’s Finances a tremendous boost and allow the donor to feel that the Charity is benefiting even further from their donation.”

  • Simon Cowell MBE, CEO, The Wildlife Aid Foundation, said:

“Many charities are busier than ever this year – at the Wildlife Aid Foundation our workload has nearly doubled yet, sadly, donations are over 50% down. Any help to alleviate this financial downturn would be hugely welcomed and is desperately needed.” 

  • Susan Wasfi, Honorary Treasurer, Friends of Coldharbour Mill, said:

“On behalf of the Friends of Coldharbour Mill, I wish to support this initiative. As a small charity that supports a heritage charity by fundraising, increased Gift Aid would be an enormous help, especially at the current time.” 

  • Caroline Jones, Director & CEO, The Story Museum, Oxford, said:

“Like many cultural enterprises, the Story Museum are experiencing a ‘double-whammy’ of income loss. Decimated earnings from box office and onsite retail due to prolonged closure has led to an increased need for fundraised income, at a time when the charitable sector’s need is growing and the economy is shrinking. Even a temporary increase to Gift Aid levels will bring clear financial benefit and a welcome boost to those working tirelessly to support their communities.” 

  • Charles Coldman, CEO, African Promise, said:

“African Promise supports the campaign to temporarily increase the level of Gift Aid on eligible donations. The Gift Aid Relief proposals could be worth an extra £8,000+ to the charity which would be enough to provide 80,000 meals to school-children in Kenya over the proposed two-year period of the relief.” 

  • Mary-Anne Edwards, General Manager, Nothe Fort, Weymouth Civic Society, said:

“On behalf of Nothe Fort in Weymouth, Dorset, I would like to support the campaign for Gift Aid Emergency Relief package. We are reopening on 11th July, having missed a large chunk of our summer season. The increase in Gift Aid would make an incredible difference to our survival when our summer season ends. We are trying our hardest to take steps to recover, and this relief package would enable our steps to have an impact.”

Full list of supporters:

11st Cuddington (Warspite) Sea Scout Group
2Aching Arms
3Action Against Hunger
4African Promise
5Age UK Cheshire
6Age UK Leicestershire and Rutland
7Alex TLC – The Leukodystrophy Charity
8All Saints’ Church, Leamington Spa
9Alzheimer’s Society
10Archbishop of York Youth Trust
11Assistance Dogs NI
12Association of English Cathedrals
13Association of Independent Museums (AIM)
14BASICS (British Association of Immediate Care)
15Big Society Capital
16Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice
17Bloomsbury Football Foundation
19Body & Soul
20Borderland Voices
21Brain Tumour Research
23British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums
24British Arts Festival Association
25British Heart Foundation
26Butterfly Conservation
27Camphill School Aberdeen
28Cancer Research UK
29Cancer United
30Canterbury Diocesan Board of Finance
31Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)
32CARE (Christian Action & Resource Enterprise)
33Catholic Children’s Society
34Chard Museum
35Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland
36Chester Cathedral
37Chester Zoo
38Chetham’s Hospital, School and Library
39Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance
40Christian Aid
41Church of England
42Claire House Children’s Hospice
43Classics for All
44CLIC Sargent
45Colostomy UK
46Community Transport
47Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)
48Concern Worldwide
49Coventry Cathedral
50Create Arts
51Crohn’s & Colitis UK
52Coventry Cathedral
53Cure and Action for Tay-Sachs (CATS) Foundation
54Cyfarwyddwr Codi Arian
55Danbury Mission Church
57Demelza: Hospice Care for Children
58Derby and Saniacre Canal Trust Ltd
59Diabetes UK
60Diocese of Manchester
61Douglas Macmillan Hospice
62Dr Gareth Morgan, Academic specialising in charity issues
63Durham Cathedral
64ED Society
65Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
66Elton John Aids Foundation
67Emmaus South Wales
68Encounter Church
69English National Ballet
70Epilepsy Action
71Epilepsy Scotland
72Every Child Protected Against Trafficking (ECPAT)
73Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (West Leics)
74Friends of Coldharbour Mill
75Governance Ministries
76Grandma’s Attic Community Project
77Guildford Cathedral
78Guildford Diocesan Board of Finance
79Happy n Healthy Community Development Trust
80HARP, Southend’s Homeless Charity
81Help for Heroes
82Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
83Hibbs Lupus Trust
84Historic Royal Palaces
85Home-Start Kennet
86Hope 365
87Hospice of the Valleys
88Humanists UK
89Impulse Leisure
90JNF Charitable Trust
91Jubilee Church
92Julia’s House Children’s Hospices
93Katharine House Hospice
94Kidney Research UK
95Lame Sea Cadets
96Launchpad Reading
97League Against Cruel Sports
99Lincoln Cathedral
101London Philharmonic Orchestra
102Maccabi GB
103Macmillan Cancer Support
104Making Music
105Marie Curie
106Marie Stopes International
107Meningitis Now
108Methodist Church
109Mind Nottinghamshire
110Mirfield, College of the Resurrection
111National Deaf Children’s Society
112National Kidney Federation
113National Trust
114National Youth Choirs of Great Britain
115Naturewatch Foundation
116North East Austism Society
117North West Air Ambulance
118Northampton Hope Centre
119Nothe Fort, Weymouth Civic Society
121Oak Tree Animals’ Charity
122OnSide Youth Zones
123Orchestra for the Age of Enlightenment
124Oxfam Ireland
125PACT for Autism
126Paul’s Place (South West) LTD
127PCaSO Prostate Cancer Support Organisation
128Peterborough Cathedral
129Plan UK
130Powys Animal Welfare
131Pro Bono Economics
132Quartet Community Foundation
134Reading Mencap
135Retrospect Opera
136River Stour Trust
137RMA – The Royal Marine’s Charity
139Rocky-Lee’s Little Feet
140Rotherham Hospice
141Royal Air Forces Association
142Royal British Legion
144Safe and Sound Dorset
145Save the Children UK
148Sense Scotland
149Sharewear Clothing Scheme
150Sheffield Cathedral
151Shropshire Cat Rescue
152SLH Trading Ltd (t/a St. Luke’s Hospice)
153South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation
154Southwark Cathedral
155SS Great Britain
156St Christopher’s Hospice
157St James’s Place Charitable Foundation
158St John’s Hospice
159St Leonard’s Hospice
160St Mary’s Hospice
161St Michael’s Hospice, North Hampshire
162St Nicholas Hospice Care
163St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Kinross
164St Wulfram’s Church Grantham
165St Catherine’s Hospice
167Sue Ryder
168Tenovus Cancer Care
169Terrence Higgins Trust
171The Big Issue Invest
172The Big Yellow Bus Project
173The Brain Tumour Charity
174The Children’s Society
175The Choir with No Name
176The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham
177The Donna Louise
178The Eve Appeal
179The Feast Youth Project
180The Heart of the City Partnership – Newcastle Castle
181The Kids Network
182The Mary Dolly Foundation
183The Mintridge Foundation
184The Miscarriage Association
185The Scouts
186The Spitfire Society
187The Story Museum, Oxford
188The Stroke Association
189The Tank Museum
190The Wildlife Aid Foundation
191The Wildlife Trusts
192Three Choirs Festival
193Tiny Tickers
194Tom’s Trust
195Tourettes Action
196UK Youth
197Uphill Trust
198Valley CIDS
200Vision Foundation
203Wandsworth Oasis
204Watford Mencap
205Wetwheels Foundation
206Wigan Youth Zone
207Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
208Wirral Hospice St John’s
209Wolfram Syndrome UK
210Woodcraft Folk
211World Cancer Research Fund
214Yorkshire Children’s Centre
215Young Epilepsy
216Younger People With Dementia (Berkshire) CIO
217Young Vic
Charity Advisers:
MHA Macintyre Hudson
LCM Family
BHP, Chartered Accountants

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